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  • Follow the instructions on the Heroku help page
  • For Mac: Download
  • Documentation is obviously helpful, but here are the important steps:
  • Add the Postgres bin to your path (e.g. via the .profile, .bashrc, .zshrc, or whatever you use to make sure it gets set for every Terminal session). Ensures you get to use the binaries that ship with Postgres like pg_dump and pg_restore ### For Postgres export PATH="/Applications/$PATH"
  • Start a new Terminal session to ensure the path is setup correctly: which psql

Which should return the path you just set up; any other bin is incorrect.

  1. Run the Postgres app

  2. Now you can run Postgres; if you haven't added the Postgres bin to your path, you have to specify a host with the -h or --host flags.

    psql -h localhost # You haven't added the bin