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The .gitconfig is one of those dotfiles devs tend to spend a lot of time on. After all, you're going to be getting pretty cozy with Git, and gitting it right will make your job a lot easier. So from me, to you, here's my current favorite git log option (aliased as git hist):

	hist = log --pretty=format:'%h %ad (%ar) | %s%d [%an]' --graph --date=short

Which comes out a little something like this:

* 2ee1eea 2013-06-07 (2 days ago) | Add writing forms (HEAD, master) [Brett Shollenberger]

The git log allows you to visualize a project's history, and by default, it's a little verbose:

commit def038298ed4b15de68070ff3347ef788ee73269
Author: Brett Shollenberger <>
Date:   Mon Jun 3 21:14:32 2013 -0400

    Add Database Indices

But there are also an incredible number of options to personalize git log. Pro Git describes a huge number of them, but let's keep it to the classics:

%H  Commit hash
%h  Abbreviated commit hash
%T  Tree hash
%t  Abbreviated tree hash
%P  Parent hashes
%p  Abbreviated parent hashes
%an Author name
%ad Author date (format respects the --date= option)
%ar Author date, relative
%cn Committer name
%cd Committer date
%cr Committer date, relative
%s  Subject