GIT Shortcuts

Keys Description
git status Status of Local
git count -objects Shows amount of objects being tracked
git pull origin master Stage local repo to match Github repo
git add filename Stage one particular file
git add -A Stages all files
git branch -a Shows all local & remote branches
git commit -m "comment" Commit staged files
git commit -am "comment" Stage and Commit all files
git push origin branchname Push particular branch to Github repo
git remote add origin URL Step 1 - Push local repo to Github repo
git push -u origin master Step 2 - Push local repo to Github repo
git checkout -b branchname Create and switch to new branch
git checkout branchname Switch to branch
git checkout master Return to master branch
git checkout -t origin/branch-name Brings down a particular branch
git branch -d branchname Delete a branch
git log Commit History
git branch Lists all branches
git ls-files List files managed by Git