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Yeoman offers workflow tools:

  • Yo for webapp scaffolding
  • Bower for dependency management
  • Grunt for building, testing, and previewing


Yo scaffolds your webapps with generators, much like Rails.

  1. First, install the generators you want to use via npm:

    npm install -g generator-webapp

The Yo generators follow this generator- convention, so it should also be easy to find generators like generator-angular

  1. Any of these packages prefixed with generator- can be used with the yo command, dropping the generator- portion:

    yo webapp


  • Manages and installs dependencies
  • Hosts remote packages like RubyGems to make them easier to install like bower install query
  • Supports search of its repositories like bower search angular or bower search, which returns all repos
  • Does not handle script concatenation, minification, or module loading like RequireJS or Sprockets


Command line task runner for Javascript. Handles repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc.