Encrypting Passwords

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Often, we'll want to protect our users by requiring:

  1. A password to match a "password confirmation" entry (make the user enter the password twice to minimize typos)

  2. Encrypting their passwords in our database

We'll then authenticate users via an authenticate method, which will:

  • Encrypt a submitted password

  • Compare it to the stored encrypted password

  • And return the user object or false

Here's how we'll get it done:

  1. Add bcrypt-ruby to your Gemfile

  2. Add a password_digest column to your user model.

Note: The name password_digest is essential for the bcrypt-ruby magic to work correctly. The "digest" portion of the name refers to its cryptographic origins--this is the column that will store our encrypted hash.

  1. bundle

  2. rake db:migrate

  3. Allow :password and :password_confirmation to be mass assigned; we'll need to check them on the model although we won't save them in the database.

    model User < ActiveRecord::Base attraccessible :email, :password, :passwordconfirmation ...

You're ready to go! Check out our authenticate method:

user = user.find_by_email("brett.shollenberger@gmail.com") # We need a user to authenticate first
#<User id: 1, email: "brett.shollenberger@gmail.com", password_digest: "$2a$10$5E3iP2W.lN4vo542CSvPlOlQg19j6RjyMJyk3CV4tDax...", created_at: "2013-06-04 12:58:47", updated_at: "2013-06-04 12:58:47">