Namespaced Routes

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You want your users to have a products page, and your admin to have a special products page; you need an admin backend, and a good way to separate these concerns is via a namespace.

If you know about modules, you already know about namespaces. To set up your namespaced routes:


Routes::Application.routes.draw do
  namespace :admin do
    resources :products

  resources :products

  root to: "products#index"

Now rake routes produces:

    admin_products GET    /admin/products(.:format)          admin/products#index
           		   POST   /admin/products(.:format)          admin/products#create
 new_admin_product GET    /admin/products/new(.:format)      admin/products#new
edit_admin_product GET    /admin/products/:id/edit(.:format) admin/products#edit
     admin_product GET    /admin/products/:id(.:format)      admin/products#show
                   PUT    /admin/products/:id(.:format)      admin/products#update
                   DELETE /admin/products/:id(.:format)      admin/products#destroy
          products GET    /products(.:format)                products#index
                   POST   /products(.:format)                products#create
       new_product GET    /products/new(.:format)            products#new
      edit_product GET    /products/:id/edit(.:format)       products#edit
           product GET    /products/:id(.:format)            products#show
                   PUT    /products/:id(.:format)            products#update
                   DELETE /products/:id(.:format)            products#destroy
              root        /                                  products#index

In your controllers folder, add an admin folder (for the admin namespace), and inside add the productscontroller. Outside the admin namespace, you'll add another productscontroller.

Inside the admin products_controller, establish the namespace:

module Admin
	class ProductsController < ApplicationController
	Your controller actions ...

And in the views, you can establish the same schema, with a products folder under the top views folder, and another products folder under an admin folder. Each of those folders can have the standard index.html.erb, show.html.erb, etc. without bumping into one another.