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Partials are reusable snippets of Rails view code, meaning you can use them to DRY it out.

Install the Rails Partials Package for Sublime Text 2

  1. Press command shift P

  2. Select Install Package

  3. Select Rails Partials

Create a Partial

  1. Highlight a snippet you want to reuse

  2. Press alt P

  3. Name the partial

  4. Sublime will add the leading underscore and filetype (.html.erb) that denotes a partial

  5. If you create a partial in the layout file, it must go in app/views/application. If the folder doesn't exist, you'll likely have to move it yourself.

  6. Render the partial (Sublime will also do this for you):

    <%= render "partial_name" %>

Changing Loops to Partials

  1. Take your standard each loop:

    @events.each do |event|
    	<td><%= %></td>
    	<td><%= event.location %></td>
  2. Remove the do/end lines:

    <td><%= %></td>
    <td><%= event.location %></td>
  3. Make it a partial (Alt P, name it). In this case, I named it "event."

  4. Change the render line to a hash including the collection option:

    <%= render partial: "event", collection: @events %>