Automate Tests with Guard

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Guard is a command line tool that watches a file structure and automates events when changes are made in those files. While Guard has many uses, this article explores how we can use RSpec and Guard together to automate tests.

Installing Guard

Once you have RSpec setup in your Rails project, you're ready to add Guard.

  1. Add guard-rspec to the Gemfile

    group :development, :test do
    	gem 'rspec-rails'		# These are set up from installing RSpec and Capybara
    	gem 'capybara'
    	gem 'guard-rspec'
  2. Add other :test group gems

    group :test do
    	gem 'rb-fsevent'
    	gem 'growl'
  3. bundle

  4. guard init spec

  5. To run:

    `bundle exec guard`
  6. To exit: